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Instant Quote - Fixed Prices - 24/7 Support
Instant Quote - Fixed Rates - 24/7 Support
Instant Quote - Fixed Prices - 24/7 Support
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In addition to the KNV general terms and conditions, ClubTaxi applies additional terms and conditions to agreements for taxi rides from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS). You can pay online and travel prepaid, on request you will receive a payment link. In other cases, the passenger pays by card or cash to the driver. If the calculator suggests a higher fare than the one shown below, please contact us.

Looking for a Taxi deal, but not for a ride from Amstelveen to Schiphol Amsterdam Airport?

Price Taxi Amstelveen To Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Book a taxi from Amstelveen to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol with a fixed price of 33 Euro. Maximum 7 passengers. Surcharge 5 Euro Per Person For the 6th And 7th Passenger.

And when departing from Amstelveen, the local knowledge of the driver helps you to arrive on time.

With ClubTaxi you are assured of a comfortable ride. In any case, comfortable means a ride with a familiar face behind the wheel, in a clean and spacious taxi.

Return bookings are welcome.

ClubTaxi Amsterdam No Cancellation FeesPrivate TransportBest Pre-booked

Get Instant Quote
In a few simple steps you get an instant quote for your ride with the online price calculator. Make optimal use of the autocomplete function of the calculator and start with the house number, then the street and then the city name. Select destination as soon as it appears, you can go straight to the next box of the calculator.

Taxi Amsterdam Airport Schiphol To Amstelveen

Book a taxi from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to Amstelveen with a fixed price of 42 Euro. Maximum 7 passengers. Surcharge 5 Euro Per Person For the 6th And 7th Passenger.

A deal is a deal, with every ride. But travelers and ClubTaxi do not have everything in their own hands. Additional conditions are attached to the agreement to pick-up travelers from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

The traveler can choose not to pre-book, to call ClubTaxi to ask whether a taxi on demand is available. And if a taxi is available on call, the lower rate of 33 Euros applies.

How does the Traveler prevent the Terms and Conditions pick-up AMS Airport from being applied?
After concluding the agreement, the client will receive a web link to the Terms and Conditions pick-up AMS Airport, to verify that the traveler is aware of those conditions. Immediately after landing, the traveler will receive instructions regarding the meeting point. The traveler with or without company may experience delays caused by the queue at security or baggage handling. ClubTaxi never takes ownership of these problems. The traveler and the driver can make agreements separately from the agreement that exists with ClubTaxi. The driver can make a proposal based on the information provided by Schiphol Nederland BV. The traveler can come up with a proposal based on the situation encountered at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The advice to the traveler is to immediately inform the driver of any particularities. Communication increases the possibilities (of replacement, of either the driver, or the agreement) and the chance of a pleasant experience, despite the problems caused by third parties.
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