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Instant Quote - Fixed Prices - 24/7 Support
Instant Quote - Fixed Rates - 24/7 Support
Instant Quote - Fixed Prices - 24/7 Support
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ClubTaxi, The Taxi For The Amsterdam And Haarlemmermeer Region

Taxi drivers to whom - a night out  - the good start of a holiday - or a business relationship - can be entrusted.

Fixed Rate For Every Taxi Ride.
A deal is a deal, provided there are no waiting times, intermediate stops, etc. that have not been announced in advance. The passenger can count on the fact that he or she will not be delivered as a package.

Just Like Your Driver, You Understand What Is Reasonable.
Will The Taxi Be On-Time?
Your taxi is available 10 minutes before the scheduled departure. Is the taxi not ready at that stage? Feel free to call the driver if he has not already contacted you. It makes no sense to call earlier than 10 minutes before the agreed departure time. If your driver is on another journey, he should refuse the call. He's performing another nice ride.
Order A Custom Taxi
In case passengers only carry 1 piece of hand luggage each, it is better not to mention the luggage when booking. Anything that may be taken on a flight as hand luggage counts in other cases as 1/2 pieces of luggage, with a minimum of 1.

1 piece of luggage is a suitcase or a trolley with a maximum outer size of 69 * 47 * 29 centimeters. Any suitcase or trolley that is larger counts as 2.

As 'Special Luggage' you specify a pram, walker, golf clubs, etc. Count these as 2 pieces of luggage + select the Box 'Special Luggage'. Describe what is special in the space provided for remarks and announcements.

Especially with small children there is no question of loose luggage in the cabin of the taxi. In all cases, the driver retains a clear view of the exterior mirrors. Failure to correctly state (special) luggage in advance may result in cancellation on the spot.
Safe driving with ClubTaxi: With the current RVIM Health Directive, the use of a face mask in the taxi is not mandatory. If you choose to wear a face mask, the driver will follow that choice. Do you not have a face mask yourself? Then these are available from the driver for a maximum reimbursement of 1 Euro each.

Hygiene Protocol

The driver always looks after himself and the passenger. Door frames, handles, seats, headrests and so on are cleaned regularly. In addition to the usual measures, for reassurance and partly as a precaution, we ask everyone's cooperation. What you can do is known by now. Use disinfectant hand gel, which you will find on the back seat. Hygiene towels are also available.

Passengers (from abroad) visiting Amsterdam are advised to continue to observe the Health Directives applicable in the home country, or next place to be, in case they are 'stricter' than those of the Netherlands.

Specifically for taxi transport, you can also consider the following:
  • Do you not pay online? The card reader is cleaned after each use.
  • The driver helps you to get in and out? Then you don't have to use the handles.
  • Throw rubbish on the floor of the taxi.
  • Do you have a cold? Do not panic. But to protect the next passenger, notify the driver in advance. He has tissues and other resources available.
  • No face mask with you? The non-mandatory face masks are available from the driver, for a maximum of 1 Euro each.

Taxi With Child Or Booster Seat

You can reserve a child seat or booster seat at ClubTaxi at no extra cost. It is legally regulated that children can be transported in a taxi without a child seat. ClubTaxi must adhere to the rule that a full seat is available for every passenger. This rule also applies to, for example, a baby traveling on a lap in a carrycot.

With safe taxi transport, baggage travels separately from passengers. A stroller wheel in front of the door mirror means that the luggage does not fit in the taxi, and not that it does fit 'easily'.
ClubTaxi does not transport dogs. Unless the dog is an assistance dog. Other pets are not a problem if announced. Each pet counts as 1 passenger when selecting the required taxi. At least 1 companion travels with each pet. When ordering, leave a remark and indicate what kind of pet you're traveling with.
Terms and Conditions
ClubTaxi applies the general terms and conditions of Koninklijk Nederlands Vervoer. Information on this site provides clarification on those conditions, and may provide relaxation in favor of the customer. Staff shortages are not a reason for force majeure. Every taxi customer is constantly looking for the best price and quality ratio. The delivered price-quality ratio is limited available at ClubTaxi. Passengers are advised to take into account the possibility of a breakdown en route, when making a travel plan. Taxi from, or through, ClubTaxi is in good state of maintenance.
Additional Terms & Definitions
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS)

Meeting point: The meeting point is the place where the travelers meet the driver. The meeting point depends on the Arrivals Hall in which the travelers arrive at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (hereinafter AMS). Information about the meeting point and other instructions will be provided to a traveler by the ClubTaxi driver, via Whatsapp immediately after landing.
Landing time: The actual time that the passenger's plane landed at AMS is the landing time. The landing time is the time that appears from the recording and publication of Schiphol Nederland BV. The driver applies to the agreement on behalf of ClubTaxi the time that appears from the use of the Schiphol app of Schiphol Nederland BV.
Agreed time of departure: By accepting the general terms and conditions, clients acting on behalf of travelers, with hand luggage only, have agreed on a time of departure that is 30 minutes after AMS landing time, with departure from the meeting point designated by ClubTaxi. For travelers with more luggage than just hand luggage, the client has agreed a departure time that is 60 minutes after landing time. ClubTaxi allows travelers to depart a maximum of 15 minutes earlier than the agreed time of departure, if they can appear earlier at the meeting point, provided that the communication of the travelers with the driver makes this deviation possible.
Termination agreement: ClubTaxi may terminate the agreements with clients and travelers if travelers have not appeared at the meeting point 30 minutes after the agreed time of departure. ClubTaxi is not liable for costs that clients and travelers have to incur as a result of the termination, no traveler owes ClubTaxi a compensation due to not showing up on time. In other words, ClubTaxi assumes the good faith of clients and travelers, but only the reasonable can be expected from ClubTaxi.
Restoration of agreement: Clients and travelers who are confronted with a termination can request restoration of the agreement by telephone, as soon as travelers are able to appear at the meeting point, ready for departure. As far as the possibilities and trip planning allow, ClubTaxi will cooperate with the restoration, or at least come up with suggestions.
Information obligation for clients and travelers: In the event that travelers will not land on AMS with the flight announced to ClubTaxi, the client or a traveler must report this to ClubTaxi as soon as possible. Notification of cancellation or rebooking of the flight also counts as cancellation of the agreement with ClubTaxi. As far as the possibilities and planning allow, ClubTaxi will cooperate on a new agreement with clients and travelers, or at least come up with suggestions.
Cookie & Privacy
For the purpose of protecting your privacy, personal data will be removed from ClubTaxi's central database after no more than 3 months of inactivity.

Review Policy ClubTaxi
We are selective in inviting you to leave a review. In selected cases, an invitation will be sent once, and can be repeated for the first time after 5 years, because of a taxi ride with ClubTaxi at that time. All reviews come from a customer with the experience of a recently completed taxi ride with ClubTaxi.

This platform has been repeatedly requested to remove the ClubTaxi listing. Mainly because comments from non-customers are not deleted.
Stay Connected
All ride requests are processed by an operator at ClubTaxi. A confirmation is really a confirmation from an operator. And that is why it is important not to disconnect from the internet after the trip calculation is done, and the request form send. Wait for receipt of the confirmation before disconnecting from the Internet. Then check the confirmation carefully.

Online ride requests are usually processed within 1 minute.
VAT & Declaration
Taxi services are exempt from certain conditions attached to a so-called VAT invoice. The online ticket is already sufficient for VAT. If the passenger does not pay himself, he will not receive a receipt from the driver. You will receive a username and password after the first booking request. This allows you to check all ride data, and manage your reservations.
Business, But No Executive or VIP transport
Of course, most taxi rides are booked because of 'the business', which is no different at ClubTaxi. A taxi with 220V on board is therefore available on request.

The ClubTaxi offer remains that of a 'standard' Taxi service. The driver's driving style allows work in the back seat. And the taxi will be spacious and comfortable.
Abandoned Objects
After a ride, the taxi will be checked for abandoned objects. They may not be found on initial inspection. That is why it is important that you contact us as soon as possible. Also outside office hours. Before someone else runs off with your property.

Abandoned is not lost yet.
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